I’m BACK!!! 6-22-17

Talk about getting caught up in life, feelings, situations, people! I've been a deer trapped in headlights for a while now. However, I am happy to report that I'm done with all the DRAMAS (there were a few) and I'm getting back on track with my weight loss pursuits.

While I weigh more (351lbs) than I did when I initially started the 5 Bite Diet, I weigh a few lbs less than when I decided to lose weight initially (355lbs).

This is EXCITING because, I'm starting out with the Five Bite Diet, this go round and I will be able to attribute all of my weight loss to the 5 Bite Diet + Exercise and Vitamins Etc!

I'll be updating my measurements to reflect what they are today and I'm off to the races!

Today is officially my first day back on the 5 Bite Diet!

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