Scheduled Workout: Day 1 – Thoughts, Notes Etc

Scheduled Workout: Day 1 [8/15/16]

100 Squats No Wt.

OK. So this was NOT easy. I broke this up in sets of 10 up 80 with a few mins rest in between. I decided at the 80 point, I would shoot for the whole 20 but NO SUCH LUCK! from 80-95 was all I could do before I had to take a break. I finished the last 5 like a champ though. It did get me super sweaty all over and I checked my heart rate while doing these and it shot all the way up to 135bpm

I look forward to getting strong enough that I'll be able to shoot through all 100 in one go. Baby steps though, tomorrow I'll aim to start with 15 reps x2 and then break the rest down in sets of ten. I'll keep upping my reps until I make it to the 100 squats with no stops promise land.

Doing these squats made my blood move faster, and it made me tired. LOL!

Upper Body Weight Training
Back – One Arm Bent Over DB Rows (60 Reps) 5lb Weights
This wasn't easy, I made it happen though. I felt fatigue setting in around 45 reps. I did these in sets of 15. I did sweat during these sets, and my heart rate shot up to 124 bpm.

Shoulders – Seated or Standing DB Over Head Press (60 Reps) 5lb Weights
These weren't so bad, I did them in sets of 20 with a few minutes of rest in between. My right arm kept cricking, the bones and ligaments adjusting and all. I felt no pain, so I powered my way through.

Chest – DB Bench Press (60 Reps) 5lb Weights
– 1st Set 10 reps
– 2nd set 20 reps
– 3rd set 10 reps
– 4th Set 20 Reps
* It didn't feel too dramatic.

Biceps – Seated DB Curls (60 Reps) 5lb Weights
– 2 Sets of 30 reps
*I felt tightness at the end of 30 reps and again at the end of 60, I will stretch before bed. Approx 110bpm.

Triceps – Tricep Kick Backs (100 Reps) 5lb Weights
*I broke these up in between other body parts
– 20 in between BACK & SHOULDERS | 2 sets of 10 each
– 40 and before CHEST | 2 sets of 20 each
– 20 Before BICEPS | 1 Set of 20
– 20 After Biceps | 2 sets of 10 each
*After about 60 reps on came the sweat and slight burning sensation in triceps. Heart rate shot up to about 120bpm.

Abs 150

Regular Crunch (50 Reps)
* This wasn't too bad, but it wasn't great either; I know my stamina and precision will get better the longer I keep at it. I'm looking forward to this.

Oblique Crunch L (50 Reps)
Oblique Crunch R (50 Reps)
* These were really hard; I suspect my form sucked, or I'm just not strong enough to perform these well yet. I'll keep at it!

Leg Lift or Reverse Crunch (50 Reps)
* I made it through these but, I performed them HORRIBLY, the worst out of everything thus far. Never the less, I'm NOT GIVING UP! I'll get these down to a science again. Once upon a time I used to do hundreds of these a day. I will RISE to the challenge! Tomorrow's a whole new day.

It took me 2hrs and 16mins to complete this workout.
I had LOTS of breaks and such in time I will gain speed, for now
I'm happy this one is in the bag, regardless of how shabby it was.

Total Steps for the Day 2,114 | .91 Miles

xoxo, –Focused WLWB
P.S. If you want to review my progress thus far, Click Here for my Current Weight & Measurements

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