5 Bite Diet Success Stories

I'm always looking for inspiration and today I've got some to share. I found some 5BiteDiet Success stories!

Youtuber Lauren Simmons, Shares her 2 week progress in this really quick video! The video is short but her results are AWESOME! Make sure you subscribe to her channel, she's adorable!

I found another AWESOME youtuber her channel name is: The Love of the Lord and the 5 bite diet, she has a ton of very informative videos about the 5 Bite Diet! She answers a lot of questions I had. Her Before and After Video is below, make sure you also check out some of her other videos and subscribe to her channel.

Lastly The Author of book: Why Weight Around by Alwin C. Lewis MD - MPH_Why Weight Around? Changing The Weight Loss Strategy Dr. Alwin C. Lewis, which explains the 5BiteDiet in its entirety has his own weight loss website TheSlimmingStation.com. On his website he's got some pretty inspiring before and afters, 5BiteDiet Before and Afters check them out!



Hope you guys found this useful!
xoxo, -Focused WLWB

P.S. If you want to review my progress thus far, Click Here for my Current Weight & Measurements