Why I chose Bars for the first 14-21 Days!

I just stocked up on a 6 day supply of Snickers Bars, I asked a friend to get it for me and they were horrified they probably thought I planned to eat myself into diabetic shock (FYI I am not a diabetic)! I'm sure a month from now, when the weight loss is visible, they'll be more open to hearing the why's and the hows but for now, I get to enjoy the inside joke all by my lonesome!

A 6 Day Supply of SnickersWhilst I know snickers bars are not the healthiest choice per say, I do love them dearly, and since they're an option; I've opted to use them. Snickers bars are also, easy to get just about everywhere and that meets my convenience quotient.

I may switch to protein bars at some point but…I've chosen to do bars for the first 14-21 days because, quite frankly, my life is quite busy and I barely had time to cook before. One of the major factors which made this diet make sense for me; is that I wouldn't have to be in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

1pt86 oZ Snicker Bar Nutrition FactsI did the HCG Diet and lost about 33lbs in my first 3 weeks, however cooking was time consuming (not that the food wasn't good it was). Also remembering to take my drops was a hassle, so I ended up deciding I would resume again at a later date when I could focus on doing the diet wholeheartedly. The HCG Diet definitely does work, I had no side effects, other than I suffered from a severe case of laziness, hence me not continuing with the HCG Diet.

HCG Meal 1 HCG Meal 2 HCG Meal 3

However, with the 5Bite Diet, you actually consume approximately the same number of calories as you do on the HCG Diet (about 500 calories) but there are no drops to remember or specialized foods to prepare or hunt down in the market or online.

COMING SOON!!! More on why I decided to do the 5BiteDiet, I'll make a new post for it!

Until then If you want to review my progress thus far, Current Weight & Measurements and feel free to click around I'll be back!

-Focused WLWB

P.S. You may want to read my post on a very affordable, bite size measuring spoon set I found. When I come off the bars; I'll be using this spoon to keep my bite sizes uniform and in check.

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