What is the 5BiteDiet?

Here's how the 5 Bite Diet works.

You don't eat before 10am
– – Breakfast is a No Milk / Non Sweetened  Coffee or Tea with a Multi Vitamin
– – Lunch is 5 Bites of whatever you want (A Bite is approximately a table spoon)
– – Dinner is 5 Bites of whatever you want (A Bite is approximately a table spoon)
You stop eating by 6pm

And you watch the lbs melt off!
This is the morning of my fourth day on this diet and I am officially down 7lbs.

I wrote three other posts you my find of immediate interest.
* I Found the Perfect Bite Sized Measuring Tool
* How I set up my Iphone Alarms for the 5BiteDiet
* Apps for Tracking your Bites and weight

These posts will provide you with information that should help you do this diet with ease! You bringing the willpower to the table of course.

Why Weight Around by Alwin C. Lewis MD - MPH_

Lastly, while I honestly didn't need to buy the book from the originator of this diet to do the diet I did and I wasn't disappointed.

It's a quick informative read (I read it, in a few hours), it provides some useful background information which can help you to understand the methodology behind what the 5BiteDiet is, how it works and why it may be a good option for you.

I bought the book: Why Weight Around? Changing The Weight Loss Strategy by MD MPH Alwin C. Lewis

Connect with Dr. Alwin Lewis, MD on Twitter (@FiveBiteDiet)

Dr. Alwin Lewis's Website: TheSlimmingStation.com 


xoxo, –Focused WLWB
P.S. If you want to review my progress thus far, Click Here for my Current Weight & Measurements 

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