Weight Loss Slow Downs and Gains on the 5BiteDiet

I wanted to wait until I was sure about this, but now that it's happened a few times. I figured I would share. If any of you have had similar experiences, please share that here.

WARNING! I weight daily, sometimes multiple times daily and this mat not be advisable, because it can drive you a little crazy because you will be hyper aware of your results. You end up knowing how much more you'll weigh after a bottle of water, or after taking a #1 or #2 and it can help you guesstimate your next day but it's a little bit obsessive.

Water 08/04/2016 3:10 PM | I'm generally a big water drinker, anywhere from 60-90oz a day and on a day when I've been drinking a lot of water the next day when I get on the scale. I'm not as low as I am on days when I'm not drinking as much water.
Vitamins 08/04/2016 3:10 PM | I take a bunch of different vitamins, not just a multi vitamin, I take some for skin which contain protein, I take other vitamins as well and I notice that when I take them, that the scale doesn't move that much. Having tested taking them on one day, then not for another day. A day after I've stopped taking them, the scale has a huge downward jump.
Protein Powder
08/04/2016 3:10 PM | Knowing that I would be weight lifting while on this diet, I wanted to ensure that I wouldn't end up feeling too sore to continue. So I used some whey protein powder and the next day I was only down .2lbs.  The day after I used the protein I lost 2 lbs. So maybe it delays the scale results.
Exercise 08/04/2016 3:10 PM | I've heard that some people say that after you exercise you won't see as big a drop in lbs, but based on my daily stats I can't attest to this as of yet, but I will continue to monitor this and update this post should I notice any differences.
Hot Food
08/04/2016 3:10 PM | You definitely lose more weight on bars than you do on hot food. Well I guess random hot food. Not the super healthy kind. I haven't eaten super healthy per say, maybe with the exception of when I have opted to eat sushi, on the day when I only ate sushi though I did drop 2lbs the next day. But so far my other food undertakings have not produced the same level of success. (Relatively clean eating is probably best when you do hot food.)

On the HCG Diet when you have a stall, they tell you to have an apple and steak day, I'll give that a go if that truly becomes the case for me. I can't say I'm far enough into the 5BiteDiet for that to be the case.

I'll continue to experiment and post any new observations here

If the results are cumulative, then so be it. I will continue to weight daily and just look forward to the days when my efforts show up on the scale.

xoxo, –Focused WLWB
P.S. If you want to review my progress thus far, Click Here for my Current Weight & Measurements

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