Troubleshooting Weight Loss Slow Down…White Rice and Protein Bar?

I've been trying to get this whole 5BiteDiet thing down to a science. What's been frustrating me the last few days is that I've been losing at a slower rate than normal.

I decided to try and trouble shoot / hack the situation so that I can continue losing at the rate of 1lb a day for as long as possible.

Looking at my diet: I did eat hot food,  I had exactly 5 Table spoons of egg fried rice from the Chinese Food Store, and a PowerBar, I noticed on both of those days, I only lost .8lbs. I noticed the same thing happened when I had Sushi the day before.

So where I was once losing at the rate of 1lb or more, I've recently been loosing .8lbs a day or less. Troubling to me because I am still over 300lbs and I am able to drop a lb a day with a normal diet and exercise. At some point I do expect that I will not necessarily be able to drop a lb a day as easily, but this is not something that I am ready to accept just yet.

I got rid of the rice and will probably lay off Sushi for the next few weeks. Another thing, I can't help but to give some attention to is, the protein bar I recently incorporated into my diet.

Since I'm weight lifting, I knew I needed to increase my protein, so I got a new bar:

PowerBar 30g Protein Plus Bars
- PowerBar 30g Protein Plus Bars - Chocolate Brownie

This bar is much larger than the snickers bar I usually ate twice a day. Each one of these bars is 3.28oz and my Snickers Bars are 1.86 oz. So in one Power Bar I've basically consumed the volume equivalent of 2 Snickers minus a bite.

I'm beginning to wonder if the Protein Bars may also have something to do with my weight loss slow down as I do recall on Day 6 I decided to Blend 1 Snickers Bar, with 2 Scoops of whey protein, with water, ice, and Irish Sea Moss and I only lost .2lbs the next day. (I chalked it up to it going into my system in liquid form and being more readily for my system to use for energy right away. I never repeated this although it was very tasty.)

Also, I've been on this diet for 25 Days, well really 18 if you scrap my horrible week 2, where I fumbled all over the place and gained 1.2lbs albeit still managing to lose 7.11 inches. While my 18 Day weight loss was 21.4lbs , which is very good; I began wondering if my body has quite simply become too used to the diet…? I have a ton of energy, I'm never hungry, not even at meal time and I'm losing less and less.

I somehow managed to gain .2lbs after only eating half of my protein bar and 8hrs passing since weigh in and no water. (WHAT?!?!?!)

I decided to shake things up!

On other diets, like Body For Life or The Skinny Switch, you have a Cheat/Free Day, this day. This day tricks your body into believing that it's taking in more than it really is and it begins to give up the fat at a higher rate again. It's a way of staying away from hitting a plateau. I would have incorporated an apple day, had I had any around. An Apple & Steak day is what is recommended on the HCG diet when you hit a plateau.

So after a .2lb gain after only eating half a protein bar for the whole day (FYI, I only ate half because I was full, it wasn't an attempt by me to lose more weight faster, I just literally couldn't eat the rest unless I forced it down) I concluded I needed a good cheat.

What I decided to do was get some of the food, which had been dancing around in my head. I got an order of Cheese Fries from White Castle's (Approx 7oz) and 2 Mc Double's (5.3 oz) with Big Mac Sauce from McDonald's and it was hard to eat it all, I won't lie. I was stuffed halfway through. However, I chewed on, desperate to up my calorie count and shake things up. Although it's a grand total of 1,380 calories, which isn't very much in the grand scheme of things. I've been consuming around 500 calories a day / 3-5oz of food for weeks now and this was almost 3x that number of calories and volume, so it should have an impact on my system. I think…

August 18 2016 - CHEAT

I have also taken into consideration that in week 3, I did walk 30+ miles and that that activity may have had something to do with my losses being so high and that switching to a predominantly weightlifting program I may see slower losses on the scale and more inches lost on my body as muscle is heavier but more compact in size.

Switching to mainly weight lifting was to ensure, I would retain my overall glorious shape (I like my hour glass figure, nope, I absolutely love it! And I want to ensure it doesn't turn into a sour glass figure!).

Lots of cardio burns fat, but does little for ones underlying shape and I'm aiming to avoid some of the pitfalls, of being thinner but everything on me drooping and falling. #SkinnyFat
Neglect - Diet - Diet and Exercise


I am FASTING all day today, nothing but water and workouts!

I will probably resume snickers or protein bars on Saturday & Sunday, I am however contemplating fasting through Monday morning. Nevertheless, we'll see, if after all of this that, come next week I manage to resume losing at the rate of 1lb a day. I sure hope so.

I'm sure my neuroticism will die down, once I am safely under the 300lb mark; but with my fumble of  week two, I want to get there ASAP! Full steam ahead! Wish me a breakthrough! 


– Thursday Morning I was 317.6lbs
– Thursday Evening at 11:00pm I was 317.8lbs
– After Eating Cheese Fries
– 2 Mc Doubles w/ Big Mac Sauce
– A total of  1,380  Calories and 17.6 oz
+ a 24oz Glass of Water.
– I weighed 321.4lbs right after eating.
– 5:50am
I've tinkled already and 5 and a half hours have passed as of right now so, I'm back down to 320lbs.


8/18/16 – 5:23pm I am 317.6lbs (I'll check in again at midnight)
8/19/16 – 12:00pm I am 317.4bs
(I'll check in again at 7:30am)
8/20/16 – 7:30am I am 317.2bs
(I'll check in again at 12:30pm)
8/20/16 – 12:30pm I am 316.8bs
(I'll check in again at 8:00pm)
-Water 24oz @ 1:00pm
-Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Juice in 4oz of Water
-4 Sushi with Spicy Mayo Sauce
-6 Fried Shrimp
-5 Almond Cookies
8/20/16 – 8:00pm I am 318.2bs after eating food listed above (I'll check in tomorrow)
8/21/16 – 12:42pm I am 312.2bs


From my start weight on 8/18/16 317.6lbs I am down 5.4lbs as of 8/21/16 312.2bs

I will update the results of my experiment in this post above!

(The Updates are all in! Thanks for reading!)

xoxo, –Focused WLWB
P.S. If you want to review my progress thus far, Click Here => for my Current Weight & Measurements

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    I love it!!!! I enjoy reading your blog! 🙂 You are doing great, keep up the great job! I am now craving a Mcdouble with Big Mac sauce now, lol but it’s okay.

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