Steps Taken – Week 3 – Aug 8th–14th 2016 30.69miles, 71,179 Steps

OK. This has been quite a week for me! I've certainly been on the move! I walked a total of 30.69 miles this week. For me that's ABSOLUTELY INSANE! I'd usually be lucky to hit 30 miles in a month. 

Let me tell you guys how this all came about…I've been on this diet for 3 weeks and 1 day as of right now. Each week I've been consciously trying to increase my level of activity. Getting my strength and endurance up was of importance to me because to me there is no such thing as dieting without exercise. I'm not interested in looking like a smaller version of the marshmallow I am now. I want to be in the best shape of my life when this is all over.

So week one I made some efforts to get some random exercises in and pay attention to increasing my step counts a bit. If you'd like to see exactly what exercises I did, or what my daily step counts were for those days CLICK HERE. Hence on:
– Week One July 25th -July 31st 2016, I walked a total of 4.19 Miles (for me, this was Pretty Good)
– Week Two Aug 1st – Aug 8th 2016, I walked a total of 9.11 Miles (for me, this was Great!)

Then on Tuesday of week 3, I said to myself, I wonder if I could actually do one of those 10K steps a day thingies. I managed to get up to 8,637 steps which was 3.72 miles, I would have made my 10K that Tuesday had it not been for my attention needing to be turned elsewhere for a while.

Since I didn't make that 10K on Tuesday, but I was so close, I was determined to make it happen on the following day. So Wednesday August 10th, I woke up feeling determined. I had to make my 10K goal a reality! I was successful I even exceeded my own expectations, I walked 10,228 steps which was 4.41 miles.

I began thinking to myself, WOW! I did it. I wonder, if I could do this again tomorrow, that would be AWESOME! So Thursday August 11th, I woke up, with this goal in mind, unsure if I could physically do it, because I just did the impossible yesterday, I wasn't even sure if my legs would stand up under me, if I attempted to do this craziness again. Well, my determination paid off and again I managed to exceed my 10K steps, I walked a total of 10,130 steps which translated to 4.37 miles.

OK. So on Thursday night I started thinking, well gosh, on Monday Aug 8th, I only took 3,741 steps 1.61 miles, and Wednesday Aug 9th I only took 8,637 steps 3.72 miles. Wouldn't it be nice if I could manage to walk a total of 10K steps a day for this whole week, would that not be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Hmmmm, so I did the math; Monday I was short 6,259 steps and Tuesday I was short, 1,363 steps a total of 7,892 steps. I wondered if I could manage to add those steps onto my next day to give myself an average of 10K steps a day for each day of the week.

So once again on Friday Aug 12th, I woke up with this goal in mind of hitting 17,892 steps for the day. I got started late in the day so I didn't quite my goal but I did put a dent in it. I walked a total of 13,600 steps which was 5.86 miles. I was a bit annoyed that I waited so late in the day to get started but I made progress and I had a clear idea of what I needed to do on Saturday 4,292 steps remained…so it was OK, I'd live! 🙂

So Saturday Aug 10th, I woke up, knowing that I needed to knock out 14,292 steps for the day. I managed to get in 14,283 my Fitbit Charge HR showed me 14,300 (6.16 miles) and I stopped I was roasted, but some how after my watch and the app synced, I lost a few steps. I had 9 steps which I had to add to my Sunday's walk, NO PROBLEM!

SUNDAY, I got up and I made it happen! I walked a total of 10,560 steps (4.55), again exceeding my 10,009 step count goal and feeling OH SO ACCOMPLISHED!

I had 71,179 Steps in the BAG!

So there you have it, how crazy me, went from walking 9.11 miles in week 2 all the way up to 30.69 miles in week 3!

I guess you could say I've stepped my game up! 🙂

While this challenge was fun and I achieved something, I honestly wouldn't have even dreamed of a month ago. I'm not going to be continuing with as much cardio, it's time to get down to brass tacks.

While cardio will help you with fat loss, it doesn't do much for shape or definition, which is a HUGE DEAL for me.

So, for the next 12 weeks I have formulated a rather rigorous weightlifting centered workout, combining a few different workouts I am familiar with all into one, as they'll be sure to address of all my areas of concern.

Cardio is of course present in my workout plan. I'll still be stepping, but to the tune of approximately 2,300 steps which is a mile for me and takes me roughly 20 or so minutes to complete and I'll be doing this 3x a week, weight lifting on the other days. Check out my Workout Schedule Here!

Miles Walked Weekly - Week 3 - Aug 9-14-2016
Miles Walked Weekly - Week 2 - Aug 1-8-2016
Miles Walked Weekly - Week 1 - July 25-31-2016
xoxo, –Focused WLWB
P.S. If you want to review my progress thus far, Click Here for my Current Weight & Measurements



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