What is Skinny Fat?

The medical term for this is “MONW,” or metabolically obese normal weight, or skinny fat. It means you are under lean but overfat — not enough muscle and too much fat (especially belly fat). It is better to be fat and fit than thin and out of shape.

Skinny Fat

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Troubleshooting Weight Loss Slow Down…White Rice and Protein Bar?

I've been trying to get this whole 5BiteDiet thing down to a science. What's been frustrating me the last few days is that I've been losing at a slower rate than normal.

I decided to try and trouble shoot / hack the situation so that I can continue losing at the rate of 1lb a day for as long as possible.

Looking at my diet: I did eat hot food,  I had exactly 5 Table spoons of egg fried rice from the Chinese Food Store, and a PowerBar, I noticed on both of those days, I only lost .8lbs. I noticed the same thing happened when I had Sushi the day before.

So where I was once losing at the rate of 1lb or more, I've recently been loosing .8lbs a day or less. Troubling to me because I am still over 300lbs and I am able to drop a lb a day with a normal diet and exercise. At some point I do expect that I will not necessarily be able to drop a lb a day as easily, but this is not something that I am ready to accept just yet.

I got rid of the rice and will probably lay off Sushi for the next few weeks. Another thing, I can't help but to give some attention to is, the protein bar I recently incorporated into my diet.

Since I'm weight lifting, I knew I needed to increase my protein, so I got a new bar:

PowerBar 30g Protein Plus Bars
- PowerBar 30g Protein Plus Bars - Chocolate Brownie

This bar is much larger than the snickers bar I usually ate twice a day. Each one of these bars is 3.28oz and my Snickers Bars are 1.86 oz. So in one Power Bar I've basically consumed the volume equivalent of 2 Snickers minus a bite.

I'm beginning to wonder if the Protein Bars may also have something to do with my weight loss slow down as I do recall on Day 6 I decided to Blend 1 Snickers Bar, with 2 Scoops of whey protein, with water, ice, and Irish Sea Moss and I only lost .2lbs the next day. (I chalked it up to it going into my system in liquid form and being more readily for my system to use for energy right away. I never repeated this although it was very tasty.)

Also, I've been on this diet for 25 Days, well really 18 if you scrap my horrible week 2, where I fumbled all over the place and gained 1.2lbs albeit still managing to lose 7.11 inches. While my 18 Day weight loss was 21.4lbs , which is very good; I began wondering if my body has quite simply become too used to the diet…? I have a ton of energy, I'm never hungry, not even at meal time and I'm losing less and less.

I somehow managed to gain .2lbs after only eating half of my protein bar and 8hrs passing since weigh in and no water. (WHAT?!?!?!)

I decided to shake things up!

On other diets, like Body For Life or The Skinny Switch, you have a Cheat/Free Day, this day. This day tricks your body into believing that it's taking in more than it really is and it begins to give up the fat at a higher rate again. It's a way of staying away from hitting a plateau. I would have incorporated an apple day, had I had any around. An Apple & Steak day is what is recommended on the HCG diet when you hit a plateau.

So after a .2lb gain after only eating half a protein bar for the whole day (FYI, I only ate half because I was full, it wasn't an attempt by me to lose more weight faster, I just literally couldn't eat the rest unless I forced it down) I concluded I needed a good cheat.

What I decided to do was get some of the food, which had been dancing around in my head. I got an order of Cheese Fries from White Castle's (Approx 7oz) and 2 Mc Double's (5.3 oz) with Big Mac Sauce from McDonald's and it was hard to eat it all, I won't lie. I was stuffed halfway through. However, I chewed on, desperate to up my calorie count and shake things up. Although it's a grand total of 1,380 calories, which isn't very much in the grand scheme of things. I've been consuming around 500 calories a day / 3-5oz of food for weeks now and this was almost 3x that number of calories and volume, so it should have an impact on my system. I think…

August 18 2016 - CHEAT

I have also taken into consideration that in week 3, I did walk 30+ miles and that that activity may have had something to do with my losses being so high and that switching to a predominantly weightlifting program I may see slower losses on the scale and more inches lost on my body as muscle is heavier but more compact in size.

Switching to mainly weight lifting was to ensure, I would retain my overall glorious shape (I like my hour glass figure, nope, I absolutely love it! And I want to ensure it doesn't turn into a sour glass figure!).

Lots of cardio burns fat, but does little for ones underlying shape and I'm aiming to avoid some of the pitfalls, of being thinner but everything on me drooping and falling. #SkinnyFat
Neglect - Diet - Diet and Exercise


I am FASTING all day today, nothing but water and workouts!

I will probably resume snickers or protein bars on Saturday & Sunday, I am however contemplating fasting through Monday morning. Nevertheless, we'll see, if after all of this that, come next week I manage to resume losing at the rate of 1lb a day. I sure hope so.

I'm sure my neuroticism will die down, once I am safely under the 300lb mark; but with my fumble of  week two, I want to get there ASAP! Full steam ahead! Wish me a breakthrough! 


– Thursday Morning I was 317.6lbs
– Thursday Evening at 11:00pm I was 317.8lbs
– After Eating Cheese Fries
– 2 Mc Doubles w/ Big Mac Sauce
– A total of  1,380  Calories and 17.6 oz
+ a 24oz Glass of Water.
– I weighed 321.4lbs right after eating.
– 5:50am
I've tinkled already and 5 and a half hours have passed as of right now so, I'm back down to 320lbs.


8/18/16 – 5:23pm I am 317.6lbs (I'll check in again at midnight)
8/19/16 – 12:00pm I am 317.4bs
(I'll check in again at 7:30am)
8/20/16 – 7:30am I am 317.2bs
(I'll check in again at 12:30pm)
8/20/16 – 12:30pm I am 316.8bs
(I'll check in again at 8:00pm)
-Water 24oz @ 1:00pm
-Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Juice in 4oz of Water
-4 Sushi with Spicy Mayo Sauce
-6 Fried Shrimp
-5 Almond Cookies
8/20/16 – 8:00pm I am 318.2bs after eating food listed above (I'll check in tomorrow)
8/21/16 – 12:42pm I am 312.2bs


From my start weight on 8/18/16 317.6lbs I am down 5.4lbs as of 8/21/16 312.2bs

I will update the results of my experiment in this post above!

(The Updates are all in! Thanks for reading!)

xoxo, –Focused WLWB
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Hot Food Slowing Down Weight Loss…

I 100% agree with this. With Bars, and Sushi, I drop lbs no problem.

Every time I eat hot food. It causes me to lose a half of lb or .8 a lb. I had this very issue for the last 2 days. .8lb losses for eating 5 table spoons of plain fried rice. And my spoons are perfectly measured.

I suspect that food takes longer to metabolize in our system and becomes a longer source of fuel than the cold bars or sushi which seem to work.

It's crazy how this video is so my experience RIGHT NOW!

I was thinking about taking a fiber supplement to help the food which is hot pass through sooner and I definitely feel like. Sticking to bars whenever possible is ideal to stay on a 1lb loss a day trajectory.

Scheduled Workout: Day 2 – Thoughts, Notes Etc

Scheduled Workout: Day 2 [8/16/16]

100 Squats No Wt.

These are still tough. Easier than yesterday, but still not able to get straight through them. Out of the whole 100, I was able to do 20 in rapid succession but after 17, I had to fight to make it to the 20.

The remainder of them I did in sets of 10, with a few minutes of rest in between, but there's hope, because the rests were significantly shorter than they were yesterday. But these were tough and had me ready to call it a night!

Abs 150

Regular Crunch (50 Reps)
These weren't so bad. Not easy but not bad. My precision and speed have improved.

Oblique Crunch L (50 Reps)
Oblique Crunch R (50 Reps)
Still tough! I'm going to pay these some extra attention tomorrow.

Leg Lift or Reverse Crunch (50 Reps)
These are still the hardest of all my exercises, I will however master them. I will NOT lose to the leg lift, but I will lose weight! 🙂

Cardio (20 Minutes)
Dumbest thing I have ever done of late with regard to my workouts, is to attempt to do cardio right after 100 SQUATS! hahahahahaha Shame on me for even attempting this. My CARDIO SESSION sucked. I was on life support barely making it through!

I need to workout early in the morning, when I first wake up. I have to find some sort of way to form this habit. Oh and thou shall never again, squatith then cardioith, as its very unwise to do so. CARDIO then SQUATS!

Total Steps for the Day 3,136 | 1.35 Miles

xoxo, –Focused WLWB
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Scheduled Workout: Day 1 – Thoughts, Notes Etc

Scheduled Workout: Day 1 [8/15/16]

100 Squats No Wt.

OK. So this was NOT easy. I broke this up in sets of 10 up 80 with a few mins rest in between. I decided at the 80 point, I would shoot for the whole 20 but NO SUCH LUCK! from 80-95 was all I could do before I had to take a break. I finished the last 5 like a champ though. It did get me super sweaty all over and I checked my heart rate while doing these and it shot all the way up to 135bpm

I look forward to getting strong enough that I'll be able to shoot through all 100 in one go. Baby steps though, tomorrow I'll aim to start with 15 reps x2 and then break the rest down in sets of ten. I'll keep upping my reps until I make it to the 100 squats with no stops promise land.

Doing these squats made my blood move faster, and it made me tired. LOL!

Upper Body Weight Training
Back – One Arm Bent Over DB Rows (60 Reps) 5lb Weights
This wasn't easy, I made it happen though. I felt fatigue setting in around 45 reps. I did these in sets of 15. I did sweat during these sets, and my heart rate shot up to 124 bpm.

Shoulders – Seated or Standing DB Over Head Press (60 Reps) 5lb Weights
These weren't so bad, I did them in sets of 20 with a few minutes of rest in between. My right arm kept cricking, the bones and ligaments adjusting and all. I felt no pain, so I powered my way through.

Chest – DB Bench Press (60 Reps) 5lb Weights
– 1st Set 10 reps
– 2nd set 20 reps
– 3rd set 10 reps
– 4th Set 20 Reps
* It didn't feel too dramatic.

Biceps – Seated DB Curls (60 Reps) 5lb Weights
– 2 Sets of 30 reps
*I felt tightness at the end of 30 reps and again at the end of 60, I will stretch before bed. Approx 110bpm.

Triceps – Tricep Kick Backs (100 Reps) 5lb Weights
*I broke these up in between other body parts
– 20 in between BACK & SHOULDERS | 2 sets of 10 each
– 40 and before CHEST | 2 sets of 20 each
– 20 Before BICEPS | 1 Set of 20
– 20 After Biceps | 2 sets of 10 each
*After about 60 reps on came the sweat and slight burning sensation in triceps. Heart rate shot up to about 120bpm.

Abs 150

Regular Crunch (50 Reps)
* This wasn't too bad, but it wasn't great either; I know my stamina and precision will get better the longer I keep at it. I'm looking forward to this.

Oblique Crunch L (50 Reps)
Oblique Crunch R (50 Reps)
* These were really hard; I suspect my form sucked, or I'm just not strong enough to perform these well yet. I'll keep at it!

Leg Lift or Reverse Crunch (50 Reps)
* I made it through these but, I performed them HORRIBLY, the worst out of everything thus far. Never the less, I'm NOT GIVING UP! I'll get these down to a science again. Once upon a time I used to do hundreds of these a day. I will RISE to the challenge! Tomorrow's a whole new day.

It took me 2hrs and 16mins to complete this workout.
I had LOTS of breaks and such in time I will gain speed, for now
I'm happy this one is in the bag, regardless of how shabby it was.

Total Steps for the Day 2,114 | .91 Miles

xoxo, –Focused WLWB
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Steps Taken – Week 3 – Aug 8th–14th 2016 30.69miles, 71,179 Steps

OK. This has been quite a week for me! I've certainly been on the move! I walked a total of 30.69 miles this week. For me that's ABSOLUTELY INSANE! I'd usually be lucky to hit 30 miles in a month. 

Let me tell you guys how this all came about…I've been on this diet for 3 weeks and 1 day as of right now. Each week I've been consciously trying to increase my level of activity. Getting my strength and endurance up was of importance to me because to me there is no such thing as dieting without exercise. I'm not interested in looking like a smaller version of the marshmallow I am now. I want to be in the best shape of my life when this is all over.

So week one I made some efforts to get some random exercises in and pay attention to increasing my step counts a bit. If you'd like to see exactly what exercises I did, or what my daily step counts were for those days CLICK HERE. Hence on:
– Week One July 25th -July 31st 2016, I walked a total of 4.19 Miles (for me, this was Pretty Good)
– Week Two Aug 1st – Aug 8th 2016, I walked a total of 9.11 Miles (for me, this was Great!)

Then on Tuesday of week 3, I said to myself, I wonder if I could actually do one of those 10K steps a day thingies. I managed to get up to 8,637 steps which was 3.72 miles, I would have made my 10K that Tuesday had it not been for my attention needing to be turned elsewhere for a while.

Since I didn't make that 10K on Tuesday, but I was so close, I was determined to make it happen on the following day. So Wednesday August 10th, I woke up feeling determined. I had to make my 10K goal a reality! I was successful I even exceeded my own expectations, I walked 10,228 steps which was 4.41 miles.

I began thinking to myself, WOW! I did it. I wonder, if I could do this again tomorrow, that would be AWESOME! So Thursday August 11th, I woke up, with this goal in mind, unsure if I could physically do it, because I just did the impossible yesterday, I wasn't even sure if my legs would stand up under me, if I attempted to do this craziness again. Well, my determination paid off and again I managed to exceed my 10K steps, I walked a total of 10,130 steps which translated to 4.37 miles.

OK. So on Thursday night I started thinking, well gosh, on Monday Aug 8th, I only took 3,741 steps 1.61 miles, and Wednesday Aug 9th I only took 8,637 steps 3.72 miles. Wouldn't it be nice if I could manage to walk a total of 10K steps a day for this whole week, would that not be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Hmmmm, so I did the math; Monday I was short 6,259 steps and Tuesday I was short, 1,363 steps a total of 7,892 steps. I wondered if I could manage to add those steps onto my next day to give myself an average of 10K steps a day for each day of the week.

So once again on Friday Aug 12th, I woke up with this goal in mind of hitting 17,892 steps for the day. I got started late in the day so I didn't quite my goal but I did put a dent in it. I walked a total of 13,600 steps which was 5.86 miles. I was a bit annoyed that I waited so late in the day to get started but I made progress and I had a clear idea of what I needed to do on Saturday 4,292 steps remained…so it was OK, I'd live! 🙂

So Saturday Aug 10th, I woke up, knowing that I needed to knock out 14,292 steps for the day. I managed to get in 14,283 my Fitbit Charge HR showed me 14,300 (6.16 miles) and I stopped I was roasted, but some how after my watch and the app synced, I lost a few steps. I had 9 steps which I had to add to my Sunday's walk, NO PROBLEM!

SUNDAY, I got up and I made it happen! I walked a total of 10,560 steps (4.55), again exceeding my 10,009 step count goal and feeling OH SO ACCOMPLISHED!

I had 71,179 Steps in the BAG!

So there you have it, how crazy me, went from walking 9.11 miles in week 2 all the way up to 30.69 miles in week 3!

I guess you could say I've stepped my game up! 🙂

While this challenge was fun and I achieved something, I honestly wouldn't have even dreamed of a month ago. I'm not going to be continuing with as much cardio, it's time to get down to brass tacks.

While cardio will help you with fat loss, it doesn't do much for shape or definition, which is a HUGE DEAL for me.

So, for the next 12 weeks I have formulated a rather rigorous weightlifting centered workout, combining a few different workouts I am familiar with all into one, as they'll be sure to address of all my areas of concern.

Cardio is of course present in my workout plan. I'll still be stepping, but to the tune of approximately 2,300 steps which is a mile for me and takes me roughly 20 or so minutes to complete and I'll be doing this 3x a week, weight lifting on the other days. Check out my Workout Schedule Here!

Miles Walked Weekly - Week 3 - Aug 9-14-2016
Miles Walked Weekly - Week 2 - Aug 1-8-2016
Miles Walked Weekly - Week 1 - July 25-31-2016
xoxo, –Focused WLWB
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Food Containers That Hold Exactly 5 Bites

I like to be accurate whenever possible and after concluding that:
– 1 bite is approximately a table spoon
– 5 Table Spoons are 2.5 oz

I went on a quest to find some containers which I could put regular food in after I finished cooking it and I struck gold!

- Pack of 10 Clear Plastic Mini Storage Containers with Screw Top Lids

I hate having to over think, I love tools which make sticking to this diet easy and convenient and in my opinion, this certainly is one.

Be sure to pick some up for yourself, take your food with you or a container with you when you're out and never worry again about whether or not you've exceeded your 5 Bites! Unless you're eating something that doesn't fit in the container lol! 🙂

xoxo, –Focused WLWB
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Bars with 30 grams of Protein

One thing I've known from day one, is that any diet I do. I will be exercising and most importantly weight lifting. I've been working on getting myself active again, slowly increasing my activity levels etc.

Week 3 which just passed I walked 30 miles (and no it wasn't easy, I was just determined), so I knew it was time for me to take the leap and begin a regular and rigorous work out schedule.

I want phenomenal results and I'm willing to work for them. 

I completed my workout schedule for the next 84 days and to be consistent, I would definitely have to increase my protein intake. I'm currently on snickers and the 8 grams a day I would get from eating my 2 bars just doesn't suffice. Hence, I began looking around for bars with a minimum of 30 grams of protein and I found some which I ordered immediately!

If you guys are weight lifting or interested in, increasing your protein intake, you may want to give these a try.

I would love to find a Bar with 30+ Grams of Protein which does not contain soy, if you guys know of any, please leave the info in the comments.

PowerBar 30g Protein Plus Bars
- PowerBar 30g Protein Plus Bars - Chocolate BrownieBy the Way

xoxo, –Focused WLWB
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Steps Taken – Week2- Aug 1st–7th 2016 9.13miles, 21,117 Steps

I've been sedentary for a while, as my work allows me to sit all day and sometimes all night.

I don't want to end up flabby from just losing weight and having no activity. So, I figured I'd get things moving again by intentionally increasing my level of cardio.

And as I'm sure you well know my eating was not perfect in week 2. I ended the week 1.2lbs up however I did manage to melt off another 7.11 inches from my body and that's most likely due to my increased movement.

9.3miles (21,117 steps) isn't bad at all (its actually BEYOND EXCELLENT for me).

I'm on pace to pass my week 1 numbers because my stamina and endurance has been increased and it's just my nature to push and see if I can go a little further.

xoxo, –Focused WLWB
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My Basic Fit Bit Stats for Week2 – August 1st – August 7th 2016

Here are my daily Fitbit Charge HR stats for week two. For any of you weight loss sleuths, who want to correlate my weight loss to my level of steps. To see all my Workouts, Food and activity Day by Day, CLICK HERE.

Day 8 – Mon Aug 1 2016
WK2 - Day 1 - Mon August 1 2016 327.6lbs

Total Loss WK1 11.4lbs

Day 9 – Tues
Aug 2 2016
WK2 - Day 2 - Tues August 2 2016 328.6lbs
Gained 1lbTotal Loss 10.4lbs
Day 10 – Wed Aug 3 2016
WK2 - Day 3 - Wed August 3 2016

Lost 2.lbs

Total Loss 12.4lbs

Week#2 Day 11 – Thur
Aug 4 2016
WK2 - Day 4 - Thur August 4 2016

Gained 1.6lbs

Total Loss 10.8lbs

Week#2 Day 12 – Fri Aug 5 2016 WK2 - Day 5 - Fri August 5 2016 328.2lbs
Stayed 0.lbsTotal Loss 10.8lbs
Week#2 Day 13 – Sat Aug 6 2016 WK2 - Day 6 - Sat August 6 2016

Gained .4lbs

Total Loss 10.4lbs

Week#2 – Day 14 – Sun Aug 7 2016 WK2 - Day 7 - Sun August 7 2016

Gained 2.2.lbs

Total Loss 8.2lbs

Day 15 – Monday 
Aug 8 2016
Weight & Measurement Day
August 8,2016
Total Loss for firstWk 1: Lost 11.6 lbs
Went from:
339lbs to 327.6lbsWk 2: Gained 1.2lbs
Went from:
327.6lbs to 328.8lbs
I gained 1.2lbs for this week, but I still lost inches!
Week 2 - Gained Weight - Lost Inches 5Bite Diet

xoxo, –Focused WLWB
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