Boxing…Getting and Keeping, Toned Arms and A Firm Sculpted Back

On my quest to look great after weight loss one are seems to be weighing heavily on my mind more so than others as of late mainly my arms but also my back.

So I'm going to be incorporating the use of my Everlast Freestanding Reflex Bag and my Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves as a form of strength training and cardio for my back and arms.

I try to make sure I get at least, 15 Straight minutes in, when ever I use it. As my endurance goes up, I'll probably increase my time on the bag, to a maximum for 30 minutes.

Based on my current height (5″6′), weight (331lbs as of this morning 7/29/16) and age (37), I burn 116 Calories for every 15 Minutes when I do this exercise. While I'm performing this exercise, I am at my Target Heart Rate for being in the Fat Burning Zone, It brings my heart rate up to about 116 BPM as per my FitBit Charge HR Watch.

If you would like to calculate how many calories you would burn working out with a Reflex or Punching Bag. Check out this Calculator

Everlast Freestanding Reflex Bag_Large Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves_Large









In future posts I'll be sharing with you other arm assaulting workouts, I'll be doing to ensure the best possible outcome for the building and preservation of my beloved arms.

xoxo, –Focused WLWB
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Workout Notes for July 28, 2016

It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believe in myself. – Muhammad Ali

I set a weight loss goal this morning, in the wee hours of the morning that is.
MY GOAL: to drop down to 325lbs by 8/1/16, which means I have 3 days to take off another 7lbs.

Why did I set the goal when I'm already doing so well with my 5BiteDiet weight loss?
Well, because I felt like even though; I've had great results, I feel like I could have achieved even better results if I was exercising more seriously.

I'm so out of the workout loop right now it's not even funny. Just 3-4 Months ago, I would take a 30-60 minute workout on and not be to heavily fatigued or daunted by it.

Right now however, that is so not the case. I have to rebuild my stamina and strength, my fault for slacking off for so long. Nevertheless, I'm going to make it happen!

HOWEVER, on a very positive note; I did push myself to make it through the  1 Mile In Home Walk! 15 Minutes with no stops and just 2 days ago, that just wasn't happening. (I tend to build strength and stamina quickly, thank goodness for that!)

The REALLY COOL thing about today's workout is that, while I was doing the walk, I could feel a burning sensation, all over my thighs and my arms. That's exciting, fats getting targeted and burned up. Change is on the way! How AWESOME, I'm EXCITED!

xoxo, –Focused WLWB
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Bathroom Matters – Doing Number 2 on the 5 Bite Diet

I go do #2 normally twice a day minimally and I've been this way since I was a kid, I am now 37 years old. Usually within 20-30 minutes of eating a meal I'm making my way to the bathroom. They say that as one meal goes its supposed to trigger the last meal you had, to exit.

However Since July 25th 2016 when I started this diet, my body hadn't been triggering an evacuation and I didn't freak out because:
A. I am the proud owner of lots of senna tea should it ever come to that
B. I've done all kinds of research about number 2 and I know my body pretty well
C. Lastly since I feel no bloating or feelings of constipation etc, it's no big deal.

I'm not taking in as much food as I would normally consume hence the reduction in doing #2. My plentiful bowel movements are not of major importance at the moment.

I will however drink some senna tea should the need arise, but I honestly feel light and airy, no bloating no awkward feelings at all.

Since I'm a #2 activist and I'm sure that regular evacuations are as important to you as they are to me (since death begins in the colon and all), I wanted to share my experience with you guys so you can compare it with your own or just have it under your hat as food for thought.

Part 1. When I had my snickers bar for lunch 30 minutes later; it was time to go!
Part 2. When I had my dinner…30 minutes later; it was time to go!
So it looks like everything is getting back to normal!

xoxo, –Focused WLWB
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What is the 5BiteDiet?

Here's how the 5 Bite Diet works.

You don't eat before 10am
– – Breakfast is a No Milk / Non Sweetened  Coffee or Tea with a Multi Vitamin
– – Lunch is 5 Bites of whatever you want (A Bite is approximately a table spoon)
– – Dinner is 5 Bites of whatever you want (A Bite is approximately a table spoon)
You stop eating by 6pm

And you watch the lbs melt off!
This is the morning of my fourth day on this diet and I am officially down 7lbs.

I wrote three other posts you my find of immediate interest.
* I Found the Perfect Bite Sized Measuring Tool
* How I set up my Iphone Alarms for the 5BiteDiet
* Apps for Tracking your Bites and weight

These posts will provide you with information that should help you do this diet with ease! You bringing the willpower to the table of course.

Why Weight Around by Alwin C. Lewis MD - MPH_

Lastly, while I honestly didn't need to buy the book from the originator of this diet to do the diet I did and I wasn't disappointed.

It's a quick informative read (I read it, in a few hours), it provides some useful background information which can help you to understand the methodology behind what the 5BiteDiet is, how it works and why it may be a good option for you.

I bought the book: Why Weight Around? Changing The Weight Loss Strategy by MD MPH Alwin C. Lewis

Connect with Dr. Alwin Lewis, MD on Twitter (@FiveBiteDiet)

Dr. Alwin Lewis's Website: 


xoxo, –Focused WLWB
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5 Bite Diet Success Stories

I'm always looking for inspiration and today I've got some to share. I found some 5BiteDiet Success stories!

Youtuber Lauren Simmons, Shares her 2 week progress in this really quick video! The video is short but her results are AWESOME! Make sure you subscribe to her channel, she's adorable!

I found another AWESOME youtuber her channel name is: The Love of the Lord and the 5 bite diet, she has a ton of very informative videos about the 5 Bite Diet! She answers a lot of questions I had. Her Before and After Video is below, make sure you also check out some of her other videos and subscribe to her channel.

Lastly The Author of book: Why Weight Around by Alwin C. Lewis MD - MPH_Why Weight Around? Changing The Weight Loss Strategy Dr. Alwin C. Lewis, which explains the 5BiteDiet in its entirety has his own weight loss website On his website he's got some pretty inspiring before and afters, 5BiteDiet Before and Afters check them out!



Hope you guys found this useful!
xoxo, -Focused WLWB

P.S. If you want to review my progress thus far, Click Here for my Current Weight & Measurements

Why I chose Bars for the first 14-21 Days!

I just stocked up on a 6 day supply of Snickers Bars, I asked a friend to get it for me and they were horrified they probably thought I planned to eat myself into diabetic shock (FYI I am not a diabetic)! I'm sure a month from now, when the weight loss is visible, they'll be more open to hearing the why's and the hows but for now, I get to enjoy the inside joke all by my lonesome!

A 6 Day Supply of SnickersWhilst I know snickers bars are not the healthiest choice per say, I do love them dearly, and since they're an option; I've opted to use them. Snickers bars are also, easy to get just about everywhere and that meets my convenience quotient.

I may switch to protein bars at some point but…I've chosen to do bars for the first 14-21 days because, quite frankly, my life is quite busy and I barely had time to cook before. One of the major factors which made this diet make sense for me; is that I wouldn't have to be in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

1pt86 oZ Snicker Bar Nutrition FactsI did the HCG Diet and lost about 33lbs in my first 3 weeks, however cooking was time consuming (not that the food wasn't good it was). Also remembering to take my drops was a hassle, so I ended up deciding I would resume again at a later date when I could focus on doing the diet wholeheartedly. The HCG Diet definitely does work, I had no side effects, other than I suffered from a severe case of laziness, hence me not continuing with the HCG Diet.

HCG Meal 1 HCG Meal 2 HCG Meal 3

However, with the 5Bite Diet, you actually consume approximately the same number of calories as you do on the HCG Diet (about 500 calories) but there are no drops to remember or specialized foods to prepare or hunt down in the market or online.

COMING SOON!!! More on why I decided to do the 5BiteDiet, I'll make a new post for it!

Until then If you want to review my progress thus far, Current Weight & Measurements and feel free to click around I'll be back!

-Focused WLWB

P.S. You may want to read my post on a very affordable, bite size measuring spoon set I found. When I come off the bars; I'll be using this spoon to keep my bite sizes uniform and in check.

How I set up my Iphone Alarms for the 5BiteDiet

I often get lost in whatever I'm doing and I lose track of time. So reminders are very necessary for me. Using my Iphone I created a bunch of alarms which help to keep me on track while doing the 5BiteDiet. I've inserted the image below. Hope you'll find it as useful as it's been for me.


If you want to review my progress thus far, Click Here for my Current Weight & Measurements

A Stainless Steel Scoop Table Spoon Measuring Spoon

While I'm on the 5Bite Diet, I was looking for a way to keep my bites uniform and after doing some research it seems that a Table Spoon is equivalent to a bite of food.

Hence, I sought out a measuring tool which would measure a table spoon scoop style and here's what I ended up getting. (By the way, 5 Bites of food twice a day is approximately 3.72 oz and approximately 500 Calories)

Thunder Group Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon - Table Spoon

Get it here: Thunder Group Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon

I Use the Count Bites App To Track my Bites and Weight on the 5 Bite Diet


TO DOWNLOAD APP ITunes | Android
If you'd like to learn more about the app, visit the Count Bites App's Website


There's another App Called 80 BITES which is available on both platforms, I haven't used it but it's worth a look..
80Bites_App_1TO DOWNLOAD APP ITunes | Android
If you'd like to learn even more about the app, visit the 80Bites App's Website

My Life Etc

All great achievements require time. – Maya Angelou

I'm on a very serious quest to get my life in order in a major way, well at least a major way to me. 🙂

Here I'll be posting all kinds of things related to my pursuit of getting my Sh*t together!

Feel free to check in with me for my daily updates and posts!

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw